Friday, March 9, 2007


Daniel Eran over at Roughly Drafted really doesn't like some of the things that Paul Thurott has had to say about Apple over the last few years. Writing his article must have been cathartic because it seems to me that a lot of pent up anger went into compiling it.

It must have taken a lot of goading for him to say that:
"Paul, has it not occurred to you that it is actually you who is the rabble-rousing, mouthy, vitriolic, ignorant jerk?"

Now there is no doubting that Thurott is evangelical in his support of Windows and Daniel has gone to a lot of trouble to show a pattern of behavior, and the result is a captivating read.

For that Daniel goes on the list of people who can drop by for a drink of the best MacStrawman Cider whenever he is in the neighborhood.

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