Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well, blow me down

Last month I was sceptical that we would ever see the promised second part to Seb Janacek's 10 worst things about Apple. Well Seb has finally got around to telling us what he thinks are the 10 best things about Apple.

He need not have bothered. He has written a half-arsed article that barely scratches the surface of the good things about a great and complex company such as Apple.

Seb, please, no more of this luke warm praise. And don't come round my Apple Orchard anytime soon, I'm keeping an empty cider cask nearby with the express purpose of marrying it with your head if I catch sight of you.

1 comment:

dino said...

I agree entirely. Most of these sort of articles are just pretentious bullshit. I mean, yeah, sure, the stuff he's talking may or may not be correct, but he doesn't go any deeper than the ladies from The View would.