Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wet behind the ears

Loads of people believe that Google treats its employees like kids and that it is a Good Thing™. Well Macuser takes it one further, because over there the bloggers are kids.

Yesterday I ragged on Thomas double-barrel whatshisname about his pronunciation. It turns out that the poor guy is only 15 and probably hasn't got to that chapter in the school syllabus yet.

Contrary to what you may think, 'lil Tommy isn't the youngest blogger on the roll, that honour goes to old hand Aaron Freedman who is 14.

In this type of company I feel like a fossil. Like all old fossils, I've got a hankering for the good old days round about last week when you could count on your friendly neighbourhood blogger being old enough to do the basics like drink, drive and vote, maybe even in that order.

It's time to head on over to the Reality Distortion Field, because I'm going to need a whole lot of cider to get over this one.

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