Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When Gerbilling isn't fun enough

I have no idea what is in George Ou's stash, but it has to be some potent stuff if his latest rant on the infamous Apple WiFi Hoax is anything to go by.

Ou spouts a lot of bile about a supposed conspiracy hatched by Apple PR Lynn Fox to discredit the quasi-security researchers at the centre of the storm around their unproven MacBook hack.

Since his allegations have been specifically denied, it looks like the only collusion that is happening in this saga is to be found in the coordinated actions of Maynor, Krebs and Ou.
As far as I can tell, these are the only people who have been in regular contact and keep making mysterious references to some mystical and as yet unrevealed information that will magically prove them right.

Now there have been numerous requests for the hoaxers to come clean and just demonstrate the fraudulent exploit in public, but have so far failed in this simple task, preferring instead to obfuscate and misdirect.

Isn't it time the crows down by the south paddock fence just put up or shut up?

Ou's original "Gerbils" comment has been deleted. At first I though that he was falling into the same propagandist habits that he was accusing Apple of, but it may be that the material was removed by ZDNet editors in response to complaints about the appropriateness of the references to Nazism.

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