Friday, February 9, 2007

Artie MacStrawman forgets his manners

I've just realized that I didn't explicitly acknowledge The Macalope for pointing me to that Windows Zealots' blog entry, and for giving me the biggest belly laugh I've had for a while. I nearly fell off my perch, and I still have cider coming out my nose.

I've also got a shout out for Artie the first, who didn't really have any choice in me setting up in the orchard.

There's a nod for John Moltz too. You know what they say about the sins of the children being visited on the father, or is the other way round? I dunno, anyway I'm late for a party next door in the Reality Distortion Field. You know how cranky the midgets, ponies and kittens get if I let the booze get warm on the way over.

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