Sunday, February 18, 2007

Do as we say...

That bastion of creativity and fair use, the MPAA, has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar.

It seems that the mighty anti-piracy giant is resorting to using freeware to run its blog (since removed), but didn't think it necessary to leave the authors attributions and back-links in place. How rude!

The free Forest Blog engine written by Patrick Robin looks clean and functional and he has taken quite a relaxed approach to the breach, asking only that his work be attributed as per his license.

Maybe the MPAA can take a leaf out of of his book and stop treating customers like criminals.

via Slashdot

In a follow-up Patrick posts that the MPAA now claims that they were only ever testing his software and would have paid for a license if they had decided to go into production.
Patrick notes that:

"Whilst that all sounds fair enough but I doubt I'd get away with pirating a few movies providing I didn't advertise it and only used them for testing purposes."


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