Sunday, February 4, 2007

Spitting Mad

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to kill someone and their dog and pee in their empty dead skull!

Bill Gates, the geek-in-chief over at rip-off artists deluxe Microsoft was interviewed in Newsweek claiming that Apple had copied Microsoft's ideas for Vista and used them in OS X while Microsoft was still busy 'perfecting' the security features in Vista.

We all know that's just a pile of steaming brown stuff that helps to make Apple trees flower early. Gates goes so far as to challenge anyone to create an exploit to take over Vista. Yeah, like its going to take long for that to happen. Even those huge black crows who like hanging out on the south paddock fence have been loading up on anti-spyware for their Windows PC's lately.

Bill even said that security guys are breaking the Mac every single day. That nearly made me lose my stuffing. Everyone knows that the Mac is invulnerable to attack.
Anyway those Moabites proved nothing. They should know better than to mess around with the chosen users. Don't they ever learn? Don't they remember what happened the last time they tried something like this?

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