Thursday, February 8, 2007

I need my fix

It's been about six months since ResExcellence was buggered and then abandoned by Bryan Lund and Chris Fisher. Then a bunch of code warriors rode to the rescue promising to resurrect the old lady to her former glory and more. You can call it ResExcellence 2.0 if you like.

That was back in November, but there hasn't been any news on progress for about a month now. (Brian Wilson popped up in the comments yesterday it seems.) It would be a shame if the vision of perfection for the new site was never realized because it was just one of many side projects for the new editorial team.

I'm sure the members of the delicious generation in charge now have put in a lot of hard work, but there is nothing to show for it on the site. And its not like some guys (read Phil Ryu) are renowned for form over content.

There is no shortage of people offering to lend a hand, and three months down the line isn't it time these were seriously re-considered?