Monday, February 19, 2007

Get Dam a green card

It seems that the hot blood of the Khans still flows strong in the young men of Central Asia. If the reports are to be believed, a prospective member of the modern Mongol Horde going by the name of Dam Enkhbayar was so frustrated with the performance of his hand-me-down Dell computer that he threw it out of the window when it froze while he was downloading video files online.

Apparently there had been some provocation because Dam had been expecting to get a Mac for Christmas, but instead had to make do with his fathers' old Dell.

His dad Tsolomon is quoted as saying that:

“I knew he was passionate about getting a Macintosh computer, but I never thought it was that passionate.”

Needless to say Dam is just the type of person that I would welcome to keep an eye on those pesky crows hanging round the south paddock fence.

via Insignificant Thoughts

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