Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love is in the ether

I noticed an extra bit of cheeriness and some of that particularly glazed look in the eye of quite a few couples strolling hand in hand past the Apple Orchard today. It seems that Valentine's day hasn't degenerated into a total commercial love-fest just yet in the blogosphere.

Pete Mortensen at Cult of Mac has a schmaltzy almost anti-Valentine for the love of his life, Kimra who happens to blog for Geeksugar. (Beware: *pink* alert.)

But I've gotta hand it to John Gruber for the classiest, if somewhat understated Valentine that I've seen today.

Gotta run, I've got a hot date waiting for me in the Reality Distortion Field - here's hoping that some of that ol' Apple magic will work for me tonight.

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