Friday, February 9, 2007

Where is Part Two?

Seb Janacek has 10 pretty lame things to say about Apple. I mean, really! Everyone knows that the lunatic fringe is the hair that keeps falling over the Moabite pwnies eyes whenever they have to deal with Lyn Fox.

Being great at what you do means you're allowed to be a little, ok a lot, arrogant. And Seb seems to have forgotten that Apple has the iPhone trademark outside of the US.

As for the Reality Distortion Field, that's just a pretty ordinary paddock next door to Artie MacStrawman's Apple Orchard. Nothing much out of the ordinary ever happens there, unless you've had one too many warm apple ciders while basking in the reflected glow of Steve's (pbuh) personality.

There's a response to the article here, but I'm interested to see what's due to be said if the second part detailing the good things about Apple ever comes out. I'm not holding my breath.

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