Monday, February 5, 2007

Pwnie says Apple is leakier than a sinking ship

In a pathetic rant about how he was supposedly done in by Apple over his bogus wi-fi hack, David Maynor says that "Apple apparently has more leaks than a sinking ship".

His paranoia is certainly well advanced, because when I think of Apple and information security, I think of the iPhone. Specifically I think of how the company managed to keep wraps on one of the most hyped products in a long time for over two years without a single leak. Doesn't look to me that Apple has any problems in this area.


David Maynor said...


Artie said...

Not even Kevin Rose's speculation on the iPhone came close to the reality demonstrated at MacWorld. There is a difference between conceptualizing the existence of something and being given inside information about it. Just ask the SEC.
Anyway would you like some cheese with that whine?

James said...

what is sadder: Maynor responding to your post on Artie MacStrawman's Orchard or the fact that he (again) has nothing to refute your argument? Sad.